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I'm not sure what your trying to say, but let me clarify myself a little.

First off I shouldn't have said "only a Christian" would assume you must be that to oppose the NWO.

We should't fear the NWO, they are losing and will lose in the long run. But, Thank God it won't be long now. I feel it is our generation that is watching the end of these devils.

Truth and Justice will prevail as some of you are becoming aware of. Ignore the bozos that are rampant across our society and on this site, they will only frustrate us. By that frustration and rage they bring us down to their level.

Be careful out there folks, tomorrow may bring a new level of Hell on earth, not that this country doesn't deserve it but some of us will need to survive to bring a new world of Peace and Justice to this world. A new world where Truth rules.
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