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Default Re: Muhammed or Jesus?

peace T,

I think your question is, why does God test us when He already knows our qualities?

If that's the question, here is an answer,

1- We were all living happily, totally satisfied with God's provisions in Heaven.

2- Untill one of the angels rebelled and refused to SERVE the Human being, Satan thought he is better than he, since God created him of some kind of energy (smokless fire) while man was made of clay.

3- Later Satan was given a chance to test Adam (and all of us), he said that the forbidden tree has the independent ability to grant him eternal life (thus he claimed the tree is a god), we unfortunately believed him and ate, at that point the visible dimension on earth became visible to us and the test began.

4- For eventhough Adam (and all of us) repented for that specific sin and God accepted our repentance for it, we still had remenants of doubt in God's absolute authority and posession of power, so God ordered all the rebells (Jinns and Humans) to go down, study and make up their minds on who is the real God, who is the real source of power (skills, beauty, knolwedge..etc) the creatures (Satan behind them) or God alone.

5- So Job was subjected to the same test and unfortunately he followed Satan temporarily and naturally Satan afflicted him with pain and suffering as he does always, but when Job realised his mistake, he said to God:

[38:41] Remember our servant Job: he called upon his Lord, "The devil has afflicted me with hardship and pain."

Becaue belief alone is not enough for judgment my friend, Paul tried to convince us that the law (deeds) are not important and that belief is enough!, the Jews on the contrary put the focus on the deeds, however the truth is deeds based on belief is the only thing that can redeem us.

So when Job refrained of transgression and returned to God and righteous work, God recompensed him.

[21:84] We responded to him, relieved his adversity, and restored his family for him, even twice as much. That was a mercy from us, and a reminder for the worshipers.

please feel free to read a more in-depth analysis of the story of Job here,

God\'s alternative, USN

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