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Default How Satan mobilises people.

peace all,

I was listening the other night to a tape circulated on the internet and among the Egyptian Churchs.

It contains a horrible account of a massacre supposedly recounted by an ex-muslim who was a member of an extremist group.

The guy (who says he is in the hide outside Egypt) in a dramatic voice describes in detail how his group murdered the family of a famous Christian businessman in Egypt as a revenge, because the guy refused to sell them the agency rights of some American car company. This ex-muslim though claims that he didn't participate with them, he was just shock at the sight afterwards.

To summarize it, they cut the bodies of the mother and three children into pieces, and when the poor man came back home, he took everything and fled into a Europian country.

Then the tape shifts to comments by the audience, one Christian lady starts crying and screaming, saying that Islam should be exposed for what it is, and the Muslims should be brain washed to cleanse them of the original brainwash called Islam!

The ex-muslim then gives his final expert judgment, (Satan's target)

"A Muslim is a Muslim.. He is born a terrorsist by following the religion of Islam..that means that there is no such thing as a non-terrorist Muslim and a Terrorist-one. When is he not a terrorist? WHEN HE LEAVES THE RELIGION OF ISLAM.
since the religion of Islam encourage him on such things that make a terrorist of allows him to seize the women and mony of the allows him to KILL for the sake of Islam.......they even say that Jews and Christians are the sons of monkeys and pigs"

As you may have noticed, it is the same old trick that Satan used succesfully with the American-patriots. I won't defend the discrimination of the Muslims against the Coptic Christians (but ofcourse it is exagerated) but the simple reason is that the Muslims of today (most are ignorant though of their religion!) follow satanic books called Hadith (false sayings attributed to Muhammad and are said to complete Quran!) which is the equivelant of the man-made Talmud with all its racism and bias against people, specially women.

It seems that there is an intense campaign on the internet to spread this message of hate against anything Muslim. What i can say is that we shouldn't condemn a whole religion because of some individual acts, what if 99% of the Muslims are following a distorted version of Islam? however the majority are not aware of the danger eminating from the books of Hadith (they don't teach it at school).

Submission is the original religion and it is based only on the final testament, Quran which allows no agression except in self-defense or to eliminate oppression.


God\'s alternative, USN

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