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Default Re: How Satan mobilises people.

"A Muslim is a Muslim.. He is born a terrorsist by following the religion of Islam..that means that there is no such thing as a non-terrorist Muslim and a Terrorist-one. When is he not a terrorist? WHEN HE LEAVES THE RELIGION OF ISLAM.
since the religion of Islam encourage him on such things that make a terrorist of allows him to seize the women and mony of the allows him to KILL for the sake of Islam.......they even say that Jews and Christians are the sons of monkeys and pigs"
Ahmed, when you take the Mislim references out, that sounds like a statement describing a certain religion where the adherents are...

...the chosen people of God.
Quote: of us Goyim.
What you have written describes PERFECTLY a certain extremist group called Zionists.

Just exchange "Muslim" for "Zionism" and it's an accurate description.
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