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Default Re: Real history question: Did the NWO take out Hitler because he started printing his own money?

I'm very interested in that too.

I keep forgetting to follow it up.

Hitler was undoubtably built up and betrayed. He knew it when Churchill came to power in the "palace coup" and sent Hess to ask the House Of Windsor what the problem was?

Germany in those years was more than Hitler. It was a whole host of advisers and trusted confidants.

I would like to look more closely at Albert Speer and his connections.

Himmler was affiliated closely with European Royalty and a confirmed Pagan. Check out "The Devils Doctor" describing Himmlers trusted "masseus" who was the only person who could cure Himmler of his chronic stomach problems. This masseus was the apprentice of a great Tibetan master. This guy was Himmlers link with Count Bernadette and the Red Cross.

Georing too was heavily up to his neck with European Royalty

Hitler was a COMPLETE Anglophile and wished he had been born English. I kid you not.

I dont mean to digress or distract from the original post. I just want to make the point that WW2 is THE most amazing little series of events in the history of history.

There are still 500 books to be written.

One being the financial plans of Hitler.
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