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That's what they envision and it ain'y what's gonna happen.

That is the illusion they are trying to bring into reality. It is not the only possibilty of our future and is not even the probablity of our future.

The pens they have created will be for themselves,perverted members of society as they are.

Truth always comes to light.
There is no truth in evil, only illusion.
Evil is the mirage they have sewn into the network of your mind.

See beyond the programming... envision that place in time where there is peace. Bring all senses into that picture in your mind. That is our future... that is our destiny.

The truth always comes to light and the day is always darkest before the dawn. Things are very very dark right. Just because a whole lot of people have not been able to truly recognize this fact, generally because they cannot face the demons they carry within.

Fear is a demon.

I do not fear these poor excuses for human beings. It is them who need to fear me and people like me who think and feel that same way about our children and the future... it is not open season on children... not while I live and breath.

I'm gonna tell and tell and keep telling until I am heard. God gave me a voice and I am going to use it. He's the wind in my sales and the beat of my heart. Christmas was most excellant this year.

Life is a choice, a focus if you will.

1.)Choose to place your energy and faith in someone else's ugly vision? No.

2.)Place my heart and my mind into a beautiful future for me and my kids where anything is possible and anything is achievable, given time and patience. These thoughts help to bring this future into my reality. That's the way my weird mind works. Of course, I get lots of curve balss and hurdles to stepping stones, hurdles to stepping stones, yada, yada, yada.

I will my mind to focus on the positive while still being able to percieve the negative. I see both sides of the coin, most of the time. I can pick up on the emotional flavour of the past and that gives mea feeling of potential possibilities for what's coming. I am very sensitive. I think it was due to growing up in a violent household or maybe that just amplified my receptors. I don't know.

Anyhow... I'm waffling.

Think good thoughts.
It will lead to peace of mind.
There is always good to be taken out of any bad situation. Always.

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