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Default Is This Photo Fake? NASA Water On Mars

Forgive my ignorence on NASA photo's but is'nt this pic obviously fake? 468&page=0&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1&t=0#Post293805468

"" Forgive my ignorence...but is'nt this photo obviously fake?

Look at the obvious sharp detail from the white to the red? The BIG black line?

And if it's protected by a "shadow"...why is'nt it in obvious shade?

Have they "touched" it up for we of the blind?

These things seem self evident...please come up with a theory to put my mind at ease.

What do you think of James Lovelocks assertion that Mars was essentially dead as told by it's atmosphere which is essentially exaust gas?

He also states if there was life it would be everywhere? Not just isolated in small places.""

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