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Default Re: Blue Angel wants to be dictator of site!

Dreak wrote:

Very rarely am I in a good mood
well that sucks...

Actually, that's a lie. I'm a very happy person.

You see, it's a MAN's world.
Bullpucky ! If it was a mans world..all of us guys would be gettin laid tonight .. :P

Can't help you there, pal!!

So, it is not often that I get to hear three Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band songs on the oldies station in one day!!
you ever heard of CD's ? or tape ?

NICE that they're playing more of him on the RADIO. And, yes, of course I've heard of CD's. Oh, that was an attempt at sarcasm.

you say that your 48 right BA? .. hmm..I know alot of 50 and 60 year olds..and there not like you..

You don't know me. I'm not 50 or 60 and why would they be like me? What, you lump everyone into one pot? How creative!!

You dont have the mentality of that age..therefore Im gonna call you BS. I think ALL of your persona Online is BS.

Very well. You're allowed to have an opinion. Who am I to judge????

Im with Torch on this one..BA = BS.

BA equals BS. New math or something?

You say that they screw with your internet ?


They dont want you do "talk" but you sure are beating them..and you dont care ?

Don't care about what??? No. I don't care about THEM.

Who said they don't want me to talk? I've been talking for four years. Obviously, they have not succeeded in silencing me through their scare tactics.

BS. If they wanted to silence you..they could ! If they wanted to block your IP they could..If they wanted to make sure you dont post on this forum..they would !

Really!! Well, obviously that would be an invasion of some sort and I'd have it rectified. So, then you contend they don't want to silence me. They want me to talk. Okay, I accept that.

Your just another lost person that is puttin this forum in a spin on your sick personified whim..

Obviously, that is your opinion.

Once again I agree with dont really post anything of only post on your "personal" things..then when someone personally goes after Bitch about " oh once again its about me".

When someone goes after me!! Like who? You? I was nasty to Torch and apologized. Obviously, I didn't start the thread so, yes, it was about me.

Then start posting on something relevent other then "agree" that Government is bad..this ..that ..blah blah blah..were is your own opinion on anything ? post it..and stop attacking others..and I dont really want to hear about your past and your woe is me shit..We all know you come from a crap past... get on with it !
WOW!! Sounds like some condescending arsehole from my past!! My opinion is all over this board or haven't you noticed???? In addition, it's not always about my past. Most of that is contained in the MKULTRA thread.
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