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Here in Nova Scotia, people love to bitch. They'll bitch and bitch and bitch.

They will do nothing.

I don't know the how and the when and at other times, they are defending Nova Scotia and saying it's a great place and if I don't like it, go back to England! But I was born here???

Oh yes, it's when I talk about the apathy, the natives get restless. They kind of acknowledge a few little problems and aren't willing to do absolutely one thing different, in their lives. They will do nothing to effect any sort of change - they prefer to bitch. Social programming in the school system is what it is - apathy.

When sheeple are so unwilling to change their rat-race agenda, due to percieved benefits....They think they are doing better than buddy on jerry Springer, they can laugh at him, when really they are no better off.

It is not O.K. and funny to laugh at people who just don't know any better, or are incapable of learning.

When did that become funny?

I find you hard to understand Ozzie, that's why I ask questions.

This is my two cents and is this the kind of thing you were meaning?

Peace XXX
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