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Loonie... I got to privatise taxes and read no more.

You are really trying hard to fool some of the people, some of the time. Just like GWB.

Privatize...Mr. NWO, go spin in your central world theory. You will not gain any acknowledgement for your spin on the truth by most in this forum, let alone some.

Give it a rest.

I don't actually believe anyone here would be stupid enough to join any political thought party as that is the problem. All parties have become a collective and amalgamate any new parties into the collective; it's called corruption. Do you have a dictionary at hand?

It is a circle jerk of politicians, CEO's, bankers and pedophiles and their messenger media; and a few minions who like to stir up shit, create confusion and cause dissent.

You're not mush-dummying anyone here.

Peace out

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