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Default Re: The Movie

I'm in, Ill do whatever with whoever.

Let everyone see the scrpit is my vote. Then we have input along the way which is very valuable...

I hope Ana will write too! That would be a real hoot.

Don't we need some kind of plot to follow andwrite to? I'mopen... just let me know what you want me to write and it's there.

Thanx 4 vote of confidence



I saw dude's short film on site called "the end of ze world" and I high-lighted to ya'all. This is the kind of short sketch thing I envision, to start with. Then maybe something bigger andbigger until a fool length movie.

We can do anything, given time.

Last night I watched a Nike ad it it was dude's work! Was he working for them on or did they nab him up when he was flyin well solo? Just something I noticed. Curious.

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