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Default Re: Real history question: Did the NWO take out Hitler because he started printing his own money?

Oooohhhh, Project Paperclip!! The importation to America some of the same Nazi scientists and doctors who inflicted grotesque abuse on Holocaust prisoners. Men, who should have been convicted of war crimes were given safe-haven in the United States and allowed to continue their grotesque abuse, experimentation on unwitting and unwilling citizens, all courtesy of the CIA and Alan Dulles.

Setting up shop in some of our most prestigious hospitals and universities, these MAD scientists and doctors continued where they left off in Germany.

Against President Truman's orders they were brought to our shores and sold to the American people as rocket scientists. They may have been, but their agenda was not only space. Their dossiers were changed in order to affect this operation. Operation Paperclip.

NASA is not exempt from their participation in cruelty to human beings!!

I think the number was 7,000. Or could it have been 700?
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