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Default Re: Energy Weapons Used In Iraq?

Well, obviously, it was TOP SECRET. You know, the technology couldn't wind up in the hands of the wrong people!!

I'm being sarcastic, in case you thought that I wasn't.

Free energy!! Can you imagine how FREE of them we might be???

Are they testing their lasers in Iraq?? Just as they tested their chemical weapons in the "Gulf War," et. al.

Energy is all around us. It's just a matter of having the right tools to tap into it.

So, the problem is, how can this technology be taken out of their hands at this late stage of the game?

If, this is true, the world will change in a nano-second and WE have no idea how many people within government and military have the knowledge and wherewithal to act on their own with energy driven devices out of evil and greed, even if a Commission were created to oversee the transference of this technology.

Who have they sold it to in other countries?

How can we assure that it is transferred to an enitity that has all of mankind's best interest at heart.

Money is the root to all evil. Power and greed surely run a close second and third.

Seems an impossible task.
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