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Default Re: Is This Photo Fake? NASA Water On Mars

Found on Liberty Forum which linked to what looks is a NASA site. The link is in the original post. If you follow the other link it will take you to LF where perhps the original poster can elucidate us all.

It is SO badly done i want to think it's been done on purpose.

As for the Moon Landing?

The evidence put up to discount the landing is COMPLETELY insufficient.

Here is a good expose by a guy who ripped the moon landing hoax "evidence" to shreds.

Ian Goddard was one of the FIRST "conspiracy sites" I ever went to. He got harrassed by the Feds BIG TIME and suffered from them.

I'm not so sure of his other assertions.

I am willing to entertain the hoax for one reason and one reason ONLY...the footage of the Apollo 11 astronaughts at THAT press conference where after a successful moon mission and "hero status" they all look like they've been told the truck is outside ready to take them to Auwshwitz.

A pic speaks a 1000 words.
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