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No sable, that is not what I meant at all.

I do not wear rosy glasses. I see far too much; much more than I want to, and that is for certain.

I am also capable of envisioning better things for my future and the future of humanity. I believe things are possible in my life and they happen.

I believe that a more positive outlook is needed.
Otherwise, we are defeated before you even start.

I don't understand why everyone has lost hope and are ready to just give up. I really don't. Why does it have to be their way? Because he who holds the gold makes the rules?

I live my life by my rules. I wouldn't do many things that would break their laws anyhow, and, the things that I do that do break their corrupt laws I will stand up in court and defend my actions to.

That's just me.

I feel like everyone is buying into the future they are being sold. I feel like everyone is wearing these dark shady glasses that replaced their rose-colored ones.

Just my perspective. I appreciate what you have said and I believe I understand. Maybe I believe that God can achieve anything through us, if we believe. Naive or stupid, you can call me either one and I am who I am and I believe what I believe.

I don't expect anyone to see life the way I do. We've all walked in different shoes. I have just found my life is a lot sweeter and far kinder when I appreciate the good things and focus on the good things.

In my experience, when I focus on bad, that's what I get... more bad.

When I focus on good, I still get bad and the good just seems so much better.

I know I am different from most and I don't expect to be understood. I rarely am. I usually feel like I'm speaking some foreign language, that people just don't get.

What I like about life most, is being myself. I'm a simpleton huh? I like being me. I like who I am. Ilike my life. I like looking on the bright side.

I see so much dark. I sense it everywhere. These days, being sensitive generally sucks. The good vibes I find are few and far between. You are a good vibe sable.

I wish you could feel the happiness that life gives me. Maybe then you would understand why I can percieve things the way I do.

Peace XXX
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