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Default Re: So whats to be done ?

What would you like to see happen in the Imediate future ?
Continue doing what we are doing.

Debating "on topic" on forums.

Putting up web sites.

Handing out flyers.

Talking to our friends and family.

Enjoying ourselves as they cut their own throats.

Making plans according to our individual circumstance to protect ourselves from the coming storm.

We should REJOICE!

The end of thousands of years of animal behaviour with high tech gizmo's of the day are OVER!

Indeed, our kids and grandkids will be singing songs about us.

It is the GRASSROOTS that are changing the world. Not GIANT movements which the Globalists in their varying forms over the years have ALWAYS controlled.

As Anthony Sutton has said...

""The answers will come in a thousand forms from a thousand different people.""

Never submit!

Refuse the mark.

As they clamp down they will constellate the fury of a billion fat malcontents who are SLOWLY rising from the dark dim sleep of la la land.

Let them come!

As they raise themselves out of their filthy, stinking, coke party, orgy ridden, paedophile, mudering holes we will cut them down like the cockraoches they are as we switch on the kitchen light.

Never fear them nor bow to them.

I have at times felt fear. It is hate that must replace fear. I will NOT be turning the other cheek.

Never fear death but HOW you die. Standing on your 2 feet...middle finger extended on both the right and left hand and a pile of their stinking bodies at your feet.

As the little black clad filthy dogs burst in I will say before the rounds peierce my body..."there will be an afterlife for me, for you I am not so certain".

They are skulking dogs that run in packs as they CANNOT stand alone before the world as they are WEAk and insepid creatures!

Be a WOLF! Cunning, able to live in groups but also able to go alone, fearless, and ALSO loving as any footage of wolf life shows.

The Wolf indeed picks off the odd sheep. It is the DOG PACK that kills for pleasure in vast numbers.

I fucking hate them.

Thats my Mother in Law taken care of...

Now, onto the NWO...
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