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Default What do YOU think?

I have this idea that I thought Id post in here and see what you al think. I'm sure you all think that there is some sort of a conspiracy going on within the US government or most of you wouldnt even be in here. But anywho, I've been thinking a lot about this whole illuminati thing and I thought I'd pass on a little tid-bit of info I've derived from these thoughts.... I believe that the coming years are going to play out like this: Hillary Clinton will be the next president for either 1 term or 2 depending on how much she is allowed to screw up our country in an allotted time. The following president will be Arnold Schwartzeneger as the solve all know all fiend that he is. Hmmm that almost sounds like the antichrist's demeanor.... well anyways only time will tell but I don't think the powers that be are done using the whole terrorist thing just yet (there are still a few things about our constitution that they haven't trampled on yet. If you haven't turned your life to Jesus Christ yet then I think it would be a good idea to reconsider at this time. Im just a guy on a mission to try to save the country we have left. Love you all!!!

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