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if usery was illegal the goverment wouldn't be allowed to borrow,therefore the tax would be less.or not?
it's a long cycle,a save money,put it in the bank,and use it in your old days.putting it in the bank will cost you a little bit this time.remember,usery is illegal.your tax savings would easely pay for this.any money left over when you die goes to your partner/children without tax.
some things should be monitered.for example oil.lets say it cost one dollar to get it into your car.they know there is demand,so they add another.and the goverment another.when you use it,it goes up in smoke.what did the oil company do with the other dollar?
same thing for farmers.they grow things out of nothing.what happens if the tempature drops or crops get wasted by nature.should the money supply be adjusted?long you need some rules?
if you want to import and export then you have to deal with another country.a nwo country.don't you love the feds and exchange rates and the goverment borrowing money on your behalf that can never be repaid.bfn :-)
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