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Default Re: Dr. Stan said that WWI had about a dozen false starts, just to make sure everything was in place

I don't know if it's beneficial to go back into history at this point.

I believe that the Iraq war is a perfect example of how WAR benefits the powermongers and warmongers who control America.

If people do not see now that the Iraq war was based on lies and the purpose it serves, well, then, you must make them see.

It is too confusing to go back to in time. They must deal with the present crisis at hand and understand that our leaders are mass murderers.

War benefits them through their control of the Federal Reserve which is not a government owned and operated monetary system.

They must understand that the taxpayers are forced to fund their wars when CONGRESS approves billions of dollars for such and this becomes part of the deficit which we, the people, repay to them, the bankers, with INTEREST.

Why can't we own our own home in less than the typical 30 years? Because they bilk us with interest payments on the money they lend us to purchase our home.

Why don't most people understand how the monetary system in this country works? Because it has been hidden from them all of their lives.

Money is printed out of thin air.

Congress hasn't had the authority to coin money since Woodrow Wilson was in office.

If they go into Afghanistan and allow the poppy fields to grow again when the Taliban are not in power then they profit (CIA) through the distribution of illegal drugs throughout the world to fund their black ops.

If they invade Iraq and bomb the shit out of the country, they hire their own contractors to rebuild. It's money in their pockets and not our bank accounts.

If they steal from the poor and give to the rich, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

OMG!! They make me want to PUKE!!!!
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