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Default Re: Dr. Stan said that WWI had about a dozen false starts, just to make sure everything was in place

Dr Stan? Do you mean Stan Monteith?

I have a few of his lectures...particularly on Cecil Rhodes and the NWO...Round Table grooup etc...

Will get back.

I don't know if it's beneficial to go back into history at this point.

It is too confusing to go back to in time. They must deal with the present crisis at hand and understand that our leaders are mass murderers.
Yes, the children are often confused but we will persevere.

Hmmm...yeh, we might actually see the men behind the curtain besides Bush and the other "lackey" patsy's.

Get off the Iraq war BA and Bush too.

He is irrellevent.

Bush and Co + the war in Iraq is to serve the interests of the people in Europe and the U.K.

Soon the benevolent/socialistic/multilateral/secular arm of the NWO will start to rise through the U.N.

This arm of the octopus is being galvinised by the OVERTLY fascistic/authoritarian/unilateral/religious arm of the NWO program under Bush.

After a suitable time...probably a nuclear exchange in Iran as the finale...we will be begging for the U.N to save us from Bush and religion to be banned as it causes all sorts of trouble.

None of the Police State apparatus put in by Bush will go. The laws will remain...after all there are STILL Muzzies around who want to kill us.

The U.N will divide Iraq into 3 provinces and the oil revenue will be administered by the U.N. All thanx to that evil Bush and those gullible Americans...

Europeans will waggle their fingers...though the jokes on them as they are more enslaved than Americans are...just check out laws in Europe and their VAST surveillence system in place.

The U.N will kissy kissy...the intelligence run covert ops will stop...the high tech goodies will be rolled will be good...all countries will come under U.N NWO laws that will be enforced by a World we cant have a repeat of Bush.

If you are all good boys and girls and accept your DNA Number and Biometric I.D cards with government credit access...they will leave you alone...till the population reduction laws come in...

They are SO predictable they BORE me.

I demand a new NWO script writer.


Pressure from above-Pressure from below.


Understanding HISTORY is VITAL so as to better gain knowledge of their methods. From their you can make your own predictions with great accuracy.

I am a nobody and yet I predicted the EXACT unfolding of the Iraqi war.

I dismissed the draft for 3 YEARS! While everyone else prattled on how it was..."just around the corner".

While we await the NUKE over L.A...for the last 2 years I have been saying they would not risk it. I have since backpeddled and now's "maybe" possible but I doubt's a distraction.

Iran and Syria have been NEXT for 2 years and blah, blah, blah...I have said over and over that the U.S has NO capacity to invade ANYONE! I have poured SCORN on this crap and I have been right AGAIN!

I have stated over and over that a LIMITED bombing campaign was ALL they could manage with some tactical nukes thrown in.

And now what do we see appearing ALL over the net? Nuke plans for IRAN!!!!!!!

I should start charging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History is VITAL.

The 3 world war plan is a goer.

ONLY if we let them!
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