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Default Re: Dr. Stan said that WWI had about a dozen false starts, just to make sure everything was in place

I'm not going to read everything you've written and respond to each point.

Because the KUDO's you pay HITLER still piss me off!!!

It is NOT beneficial to go back into history at this point!!!!!!! It's too time consuming and we do not have that much time to explain an appartus that most of the SHEEPLE don't even understand exists.

You have to be blunt and to the point. Do you think everyone operates on your level of intelligence?

Think again!! You are being condescending to believe otherwise!!! and I must knock you off of your pedestal, but just for the moment.

The people are confused. They don't know what you know. They are in a FOG!! They have been brainwashed. They are walking around with blinders on and have been since they were born. They have no idea about the Federal Reserve, etc., etc., etc.

They wave the flag. They believe every other country is evil. They love the President no matter what he does or doesn't do.

They WANT to trust their government. If you can't trust your government, who can you trust???

They will not give up this trust until the present crimes by our adminstration are addressed and our President is impeached as a war criminal.

I demand no less.

You have to deal with the crisis at hand and I will not get off of Bush and the Iraq war.

After it is OVER, revisiting history and rewritting events will be welcomed by all.

But, not until this current administration is exposed as the mass murderers that they are.

Now, say what???
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