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Default Re: Muhammed or Jesus?

What things God CANNOT do ?
That is a stupid question Dreak.

God created the Universe...what more do you need?

God gave man free will.

Like any loving Father he lets his children go and hopes they will return like a prodigal son.

If he chooses, man will destroy himself.

The Life Force has eternity and will start again.

If you are indeed someone who takes the Bible seriously, why do you even ask that question? Do you remember the Devil baiting Christ?

I have baited and abused Ahmed since I got here.

He has remain dignified in the face of many attacks.

For this he has my respect.

Christianity will stand or fall by itself. It does not need you.

The Gospels and Islam are NOT mutually exclusive.

There are dark forces at work trying to create a strong division between Christianity and Islam.

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