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Default Re: Dr. Stan said that WWI had about a dozen false starts, just to make sure everything was in place

I'm not going to read everything you've written and respond to each point.
No, that would be time consuming. Ironically, thats exactly what people will say about the lies of Iraq.

Bush is MEANT to be caught lying!

He is a patsy!

He WORKS for the bosses in the U.K and Europe.

He IS an East Coast Blue Blood who does the BIDDING of the NWO architects.

The Neo-Con movement (actually, Stalinist/Leninist/Ttrotskyites, even Chomsky laughs at "conservative" being in their lexicom) have done their business.

Powel, Armitage, Wolfowitz...they've done their bit and have now taken up plumb positions in the Internationalist arm of the NWO movement.

Bush has been left to take the heat of the people.

Only a STRONG U.N supported by the PEOPLE will allow the final act of ENDING the recent experiment in Liberal Democracy to come to fruition.

The people MUST support the U.N or they will fail. Thats the point of WARS and that was what Thumper was asking about.

That is the role of all you have seen in the last 4 years particularly.

9-11 was a pathetically carried out scam that has been EASILY exposed. So to the war in Iraq has been exposed for the complete SHAM it was.

The fat man Moore made a cut and paste collection of news reports and made 180 million dollars from Farhenight 9-11.

The people KNOW BA...just that alot of people where you are, are ignorent, does not mean the rest of the planet is.

Bush is at 40% approval? What does that say?

The plan?

War...possibly WW3 but AT LEAST a limited nuclear exchange to force us to run to the U.N.


You have to be blunt and to the point. Do you think everyone operates on your level of intelligence?
True, i am a genius but I hope to spread it around.

Think again!! You are being condescending to believe otherwise!!! and I must knock you off of your pedestal, but just for the moment.
I am being condascending because I believe the people will understand what I say?

I have faith in people BA though it wavers from time to time.

They will not give up this trust until the present crimes by our adminstration are addressed and our President is impeached as a war criminal.
He will NEVER be impeached. He will retire to Switzerland...or! personal theory? Will be killed soon via heart attack or stroke. I think he believes in what he's doing. Bush is "insane" by any definition of the term.

Now, say what???
I say plenty but you dont have the time to read what I post...

I'm not going to read everything you've written and respond to each point.
You are being led by the nose.

You will have to dig deeper.

Because the KUDO's you pay HITLER still piss me off!!!
I admire anyone with the guts to give the finger to the NWO Internationale. know how you believe that the powers that be lie all the time? Well take that attitude and apply it to ALL the recieved truths you have EVER heard about WW2.

I may well take the time to educate you on the complete lies and ommissions that abound on my friend Adolph.

He was a mass murderer..yes! As they ALL were!

Hence he was just the order of the day.

And I'm personally sick of that pestilent menace screaming never endingly...6 million! 6 million! 6 million! 6 million! 6 million!..when ever some one want s to discuss the truths about WW2.

400,000 to 1.5 million is now the official figure and getting lower by the year.

WW2 WAS a holocaust and NO ONE has the market cornered on suffering.

That the Jooooooze would want to corner this market is NOT a surprise as they are ALWAYS cornering markets.

There, that should get you going.

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-P
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