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Ahmad wrote:
Well BA,

Your loud voice doesn't decieve me, what a hypocrite you are.

What? You think I'm trying to deceive you? Paranoid, are you?

I don't mind if you don't believe in God, since God says everybody is free to believe what he wants, but stop attacking the believers in God and His word.

You don't mind if I don't believe in GOD!!! Who are you to judge???? and give approval????? I'm not attacking you. I just ask that you stop using GOD for the basis of all your arguments and discussions.

If you really have been through these mind control experiments, then i have to say they have succeeded, you are a good example of a multiple personality Liar.

Really!! I'm a LIAR!!! About what????

"There is no proof of GOD. Never was, never will be!!
It's all hearsay!!

There is no proof of GOD, Ahmad. It's a matter of what you choose to believe as PROOF!!!! Different for all of us.

A great story concocted for the people!! so they can control through another force that is bigger than they are!!

Exactly. Now, you choose either to believe in a GOD that is GOOD and model yourself in his goodness or choose to believe in a BOOK that you must follow trying for all of your life to understand what it is he wants from you. What he wants is GOODNESS!! Pure and simple. GOD is not that complicated. He is the essence of beauty and grace. He is the being of love and abundance. He is GOD, Ahmad and he is GOOD.

What if we were all creatures from another planet???

What if we were???

God is within not without!!! "BA
God is within you. Feel him. He is not outside of you. He is YOU!!!

Reverence God and stop worshipping yourself or else stop saying that you believe in Him while you don't, stop lying. and most of all stop attacking others.

Ironically you use the same argument of the Muslim hypocrites, "Those with knowledge have no knowledge.." well, i think it doesn't take a college degree in mind-control to see the demonic posession for what it is, and by the way Cisco Wheeler has mentioned it, ask Bo.


You need to use your brain and stop validating yourself through scriptures and demons. If you want to speak about demons and mind control, please do. You don't need Bouncer to do so. It doesn't mean that I ever acknowledged them or any other victim for that matter. You seem to insinutate that you hold hatred in your heart for those of us who were subjected to the rituals of "satanic abuse" against our own free fill. Ahmad, God would want you to be forgiving.

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