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Default Occular reconfiguring affirmed

The closest mystery , that mankind needs to solve is, have we become overtly lethargic.
We assuredly contend that we are thinking beings, but have we truely learned collective thought by either evolution or by accident, do we think that it is a destiny of sorts and half hazardly forget about the tribes before us, whether by their beliefs, customs or deeds, do we learn from their past mistakes, or has time and written history obscurred mankinds intention?
We are an etherial race, we don't need ghost, but welcome the good ones, we are alone, I repeat, We Are Alone, and we gravitate to seeking the pertinant answers.
I am not in inservitude, I chose to think, to learn , and to try to comprehend, I have crawled up from the flotsum, and I am curious by the stars .

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