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This is perhaps my very reason for, possibly, re-considering membership in this forum.

Unless I can find the ignore mode here, I originally saw used in the forum when I joined.

I don't mind respectfully co-existing along side unashamed anti-Christian sentiment, but having to see it in almost every third thread, and more than anything the blatant blindness and obnoxious, ignorant words that come with the statements, well that's quite another story.

I'm a real Christian.

A real Christian will believe on the deity of Jesus Christ.

He will not be, and is not, an "idol", for them, or a false "god", prayed to and paid homage to by men.

If it were completely true that proponents of the "new world order" were sincerely interested in the facts or right-mindedness about such things,
they would be willing to do a personal "fearless-moral-inventory" and ask themselves the unsettling questions.

I have seen comments here seeking to withdraw the fact and relevance of the deity of Jesus Christ.
I have also seen some members here drone on and on about "Christians" in their local or nearby regions, ascribing such words and prejudiced comments as "Nazi's" about them (the Christians). This is really deeply devoid of, not only sensitivity, but true thought.

Comments like these belie the truth of the pernicous programming the folks here wax prosaic about daily.

The greatly forgotten fact here is both the talk of the "new world order" and statements about the Luciferians/Satanists who run it, are only direct ideas and words from our Bible.

The simple truth that not everyone who is aware of such parties and individuals, "the new world order", is completely limited in their knowledge on them, and that they may have some accurate insights, does not remove their guilt and error in their wickedly, and ignorantly, ascribing bad and negative things to Christians.

Someone suggested that it is "Christian" to think "only Christians" understand about the "new world order".

I say, you are completely shortchanging, not only Christians, but yourself, to continue to feed into the dangerous and terribly skewed mindset, which knocks Christians.

I have seen it here. I have seen at least one person, who seems to wish to appear well-meaning, drone on and on, ad-nauseum, about "Christians" this and "Christians" that, all the while blah-blahing about "love""peace" and "light".

What stinky pablum! What poop!

This confused soul may as well be a new-age person for all their seeming passion and intent on getting these "bad guys".They are brainwashed by them themselves, regarding Christians, and don't even know it!

I promise you all your theories, thoughts and well wishes, without a personal (spiritual) examination of the person of Jesus Christ,and Christians, will get you precious little as time goes on in these things. And in strength and clarity, insight.

You may portend to be "against" these "guys", but the more you drone on about criticizing Christians, the more you whine on obnoxiously about "love & light and peace", while knocking down the hearts, and characters, and/or lifestyles of Christians, the more you make it very plain how very FAR you are from what you hope to be personal and corporate effectiveness in your "empassioned" quest for good, verses evil.

And I can assure you, you will NEVER EVER be free of the very blindness you carry, unless you start to listen TO the Christians, Christ, and the very mechinations of your own mind/heart.

P.S. I saw the ignore feature when I joined here. If I cannot find it, I cannot keep coming here, I think.

To me its use would be a saving grace, when feeling somewhat bombarded, (here) by the brainwashed-prejudiced-whining that drones on in anti-Christian setiment.

Only Christ can fight the anti-Christ, both in life and in your own heart.

Anything less or different, is really empowered nothingness in the end.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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