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Default Re: Dr. Stan said that WWI had about a dozen false starts, just to make sure everything was in place

It's not a straight remake but the script holds it's original tennents.

Evil stupid Americans and the FASIST NWO must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

And our masters have provided a SOCIALIST NWO to fight YOU EVIL AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

Bush will not however be as manly as Adolph.

Here is the cast.

Lord Rothschild - Master socialist Banker

Dick Cheyney - "Machievelli and whisperer in Georges ear" - (Handler)

George 'W' Bush - Pet. Court Jester. Global Villiage Idiot

Anti-war Left - Sad and Pathetic NWO Control Valve

Pro-war Chistian Right - Just plain sad & pathetic

Tony Blair - Vias for position as "pet" with George...occassionally useful

Usama Bin Ladin/Muslims - The NWO "Goldstein" for today. "Supervolcanoes" & "Global Warming" are always via'ing for top position.
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