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Default Re: Is This Photo Fake? NASA Water On Mars

If one contends that the moon landings are what we have been told, there are some questions besides the ones already mentioned to be considered, for instance, at present there is a time delay in communications between ground control and the space shuttle or the space station, ponderance this my good fellow, how was it possibble that in 69, we had instant communication between ground control and the moon, there is no time seperation, its as if they were in the next building, the only explanation can be, is that it was done on a movie stage on earth, probably Area 51, heres another one to bite on, When the LEM took off from the moons surface, NASA footage clearly shows it blasting off, the problem is, we would have had to leave an astronaut on the surface to take this footage, they didn't have remote cameras that would follow the craft up, like has been shown.
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