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As for "Daniel"

as a true Christian, I can say, he does not sound like any Christian I have ever met, and I've met perhaps, hundreds of thousands, in my almost 20 years as a Christian.

I see the huge bulk of his comments about "God" and "Jesus Christ" as nothing but dung and garbage, and lies.

I am not trying to be harsh. When one is misleading you, either purposefully or by sheer pride and ignorace, they ought to be told.

Now he has been told.

If you want to know the TRUTH about Christians and Jesus Christ, talk to Him and read the Bible and talk to REAL and mature sincere Christians, not wanna bees, or frauds.

I can "say" I am anyone I want. I can "say" I am "Elizabeth Taylor", though it is not so.

I can assure you, you do have a real and mature Christian here. But anyone telling you they ARE, and deviating from the true Gospel and the Holy Bible, are just full of hokum and mularkey, amongst other..

As for "Judeo-Christian", Jesus was Jewish and followed the special Holy-days of the Old Testament very closely.

The Observant Jews follow the same God the Father, the God of Abraham ,Issac and Jacob. They diverge at Jesus as Messiah, though Jesus is God.

We share the same Bible with the Old Testament.

God's Word says in the end times men will have "itching ears". They will love "fables" and old-wives "tales" that bring them, in their minds, "understanding" about Him, but are all a lie.

I see this completely on this thread, and sometimes, this forum.

Itching Ears

One can most certainly be Jewish and believe on Jesus Christ as Messiah.

Paul was, so was Peter, and everyone else in the New Testament, bascially.

It is not not "Jewish", but Jewish to believe in Jesus. Suggesting it it "not" Jewish is to suggest they are exempt from thinking or knowing Him to be Messiah, and thus personally exempt from the love and grace and mercy of God. Not to mention salvation and Eternal Life.

Christ came for the Jew first and then the Gentile.

You really ought to read the Bible you talk on and don't really seem to know.
Sorry, but true..folks..

Here are 2 good websites for the Truth, for certain, and surely for the most part.

Below, one of the best on Jesus and prophecy:

Tenakh/Hebrew/Old Testament
Fulfilled by
Jesus Christ, Messiah

I will not be debating you on this.
I have shared the Truth with you. Now talk to God for wisdom and clarity and peace. Make your own decisions with Him. :-)


Psalm 91

To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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