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Default Who Is To Blame For Zimbabwe?

Is Mugabe To Take ALL The Blame For Zimbabwe?

Mugabe fought for his "freedom" and others in the Rhodesian war of independance. A very dirty little "punch up".

"Freedom Fighters" were known to do things like this to "free" the blacks from white oppression in Rhodesia.

The Christian Science Monitor reports things like "freedom fighters" making the wife of a man they had just cut the lips, nose and chin from...fry it and eat it.

Whites were suitably outraged and continued to respond to the gathering crisis by resorting to intensive meetings between each other to work out how to put the black, uneducated thugs back into line...

Rhodesia was regarded as a limited success story. The white man ruled...the blacks knew their place and were even allowed a sustainable standard of living serving tea to their white masters at the local links.

They should have been grateful but instead got some silly idea into their heads that they may want to share in the countries wealth? Wah?

Soviet/socialist invective and support did not help calm things down. The flag waving ensured a "dirty little punch up".

In one of the few miracles in the region, blacks got to run their own country in a roundabout way...the white man generally controlled the finance and commerce...white farmers continued to produce food and commodities to bring money into the country and maintain a reasonable standard of living for all...i said "reasonable".

"Veterans" of the Rhodesian insurgency wanted a little reward for their efforts. Some land perhaps?

Zimbabwe and the U.K began to talk about moneys as a type of compensation and to give the peasants a bit of dirt to work on.

The U.K arm of the deal responded for 10 years by doing this...

Mugabe became pissed off...we saw some of the results...the decent white men decided to off Mugabe twice but failed. Predictably, Mugabe got pissed you do.

He has since been petulently making life miserable for his own people.

White people are suitably outraged.

U.K Elites...quietly wash their hands Pontius Pilot style...before heading out to do this...

Suitably outraged that those black, "stupid" and "aggressive" natives need a sound thrashing back into line...which annoys them as it puts them off their swing and their handicaps go up.

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