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FOR GOD SAKES!! Use your brain. Just believe in a GOD. Any GOD. The GOD of your choosing. But, he must be a GOOD GOD. GOD IS GOOD!! That's all you need to know. Conduct yourself in a GOD-like manner and all of the rest is just a bunch of BS!! You know what that means!! Give of yourself and do not ask what others can do for you. _________________ In Peace, BlueAngel
I would stay out of this one BA..Its a discussion beween souls and there beliefs..not someone that does not believe in a God to begin with..(dont make me find those quotes of yours again..) take a week off and read or find..or pray..yea..Pray would be a good start sis. You will find each other if your looking Peace..

TB..gonna quote ya here..

If he chooses, man will destroy himself. The Life Force has eternity and will start again.
So your the " God rolls the dice " believer ?
Or are you suggesting that we are a trial run for the perfect solution .. If we fail ( which I would think he would know that b4 time began ) then nixo on the humano thingy ? just start again ?

If you are indeed someone who takes the Bible seriously, why do you even ask that question? Do you remember the Devil baiting Christ?
I indeed think Im beginning to Understand What the Bible means to me ( though I count myself Blessed that I even have a bible..not like some others on this planet that never even heard about the Bible much less any other "religion" )

yea..and it wasnt the Devil .. it was Lucifer ( meaning server of Light..which is kinda high rank for God dont you think ? ) why would he Know his highest would fall.. quote me on that one..anyone..

Christianity will stand or fall by itself. It does not need you.
How do you know that ? I would think It needs anyone and everyone to Preach ( voice there word ) on the truth.. Isnt that what your doing right now on the NWO thing ? Or..will the NWO stand or fall by itself without your voice ? NWO is higher and Mighty beyond the grasp of God ? Isnt Spirituality the Base and Premis of all that is happening ?

The Gospels and Islam are NOT mutually exclusive. There are dark forces at work trying to create a strong division between Christianity and Islam.
You sure about that ? somewhere along the line there was a division. ( I would think from early stages of writes and passages its division has been made m8 ) .its not being "tried" It has been "established" .. the division between truth has been made..

"I say love is higher then all these things"

"there are Angels among dont know who they are"

Carefull m8s..

Peace D.
\"People like us, who believe in physics,
know that the distinction between
the past, the present, and the future,
is only a stubbornly persistent illution\" A.A.
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