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I was baptized Christian, and then I grew up!
LOL, oh so you're a CATHOLIC now WONDER. That is NOT a CHRISTIAN (unless they have had the new birth and are sincere in their faith, everyone who knows about real Christianity knows the difference )

Christians don't "baptize" their babies upon birth, and only do so as a matter of symbolism and a matter of course, NOT for the SALVATION OF THEIR SOULS. ACHKKKg lol

Why, you who seek to chop UP the deity of CHRIST are no more a CHRISTIAN than your local SATANIST down the STREET. What rubbish man, you know nothing!

Did you find that ignore button? Please use it!
WHY? SO you can continue to delude and LIE to those who name themselves "sheeple"?

Your continued worship of deities other than God himself speaks volumes of your intellect. Perhaps you also believe that W Bush speaks on behalf of God or maybe you even pray to him?
Jesus Christ IS God, and His WORD says ONLY a spirit who COMES FROM GOD will confess this!
Don't fall to personal insults man. It only shows you have NO LEG to stand on. Tell me where exactly where you in the "pentagram" when you "prayed" to "god???" achk.

As to all of my critics, none of you can prove me wrong on anything I've said regarding the Bible or Christians. Some of you have said I'm wrong, yet fail to use the bible to back yourselves up. Others just slap labels on me and consider the matter finished. Another critic simplifies his point by telling me he needs structure? Another says go and read the bible and then we can talk. Another real bozo starts talking about executions. Whatever people. Take it or leave it, obviously!
Yes we CAN. Just because we don't want to WASTE our TIME and day talking to one (YOU) who seeks to undermine and discredit Christ AND Christians and THEN claim himself a "Christian" does not mean we are "WRONG".

Leave it.This guy is about Pro-Christ and Pro-"Christian" as your local coven leader..

Perhaps soon I'll gather the patience to write a Christianity Part II. Anyone like to add some more points of contention?
While you're looking for "patience" go find some DECENCY.

Why add more? You've exposed yourself. It is I who needs patience, with the likes you,liars.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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