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Default Re: God's Love

Dreak...God is many things...unknowable creator of the Univers. "Wise Old Man".

I can appreciate the many levels of mans imperfect understanding of God.

I am not a Hawking man..."God as the laws of the Universe" if thats what you mean.

Chrisianity is INCOMPLETE in many ways...that includes the lack of taking into account that it WOMAN who gives birth.

The half assed Catholic attempt to rectfy this goes no where.

Even with the vast inconsistencies present in the bible I take that as the limits of people writing from memory after the event.

Do you think I am a Christian?

I am NOT.

I am "me".

I belong to NO ideology. I simply take in data and using my faculties of logic and feeling can come to an approximation of the truth.

So far Christianity passes.

God is MORE than Christ. There will be a continuing Revalation of "truth".

We will have to use ALL our faculties to maintain our way.

Muhammed NEVER claimed to be God. Therefore we can give him a break from being perfect.

For me, the Gospels and what I know of the Quaran are not mutually exclusive. Just peoples insistence that they are.

Indeed it's hard to know the angels from the devils on this site.

Keeping the SAME "nik" is a good start.

Something myself and others, including AHMED have been doing since we got here.
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