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Default The moon has been somewhat a curse

If one considers that the earliest of mankinds intellectuals, IE, the guy or woman that discovered fire, the wheel, collective gathering, law, agriculture, writing, ad naseum, too just recently, when we learned that the world was round, how much more intelligent mankind could have been, if the moon didn't always show the same face, it's easy to forgive mankinds haphazard climb too a better reasoning when such a stumbling block was before their eyes, since the moon was deffinately flat as a piece of china, and thus earth must also be likewise, our ancestors were blind by an unbelievable deception, that many scientist are still not comfortable with its many attributes that defy probability.
For those that wish to contend that God gave us the moon, so that we could have light, against all darkness, I wonder why it was so necessary that to give us this light, a trade off had to be made, that also kept us so indelibly ignorant for so long?

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