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Default Re: If we all started issuing our own money, just like Ithaca Hours, would we be saved?

the above link in my previous post
should read not .com
( many suppliers )
is the real, moral solution that works.

A private AND COMPETITIVE ( many suppliers )
money manufacturing industry
is the real, moral solution that works.
I say competitive because many people say
"but the federal reserve system is already
privately owned". Yes but it has an illegal
government enforced monopoly and that is not
a laissez-faire free enrerprise market.
So conceivably with competition you could
have 100 different currencies in Canada
and 1000 different currencies in the US
with all the benefits of real competion.

Whenever someone questions the number of companies a country "should" have
I like to respond with the number 999 trillion,
just to sarcastically make the point that the
number is not the issue, but only the
fact that there should be as many as the
free market wants, whatever that number is,
just like in any other industry.
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