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Default Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

Prepare yourselves for the Police State, British friends.
The poor Jean Charles de Menezes was a nice person, a guy devoted to his family that was legally working for some time in London, sending money to his elderly parents in Brazil. He was loved by all. You should see the state his poor,, old mother is. Of course, they will not show this in the UK or the US.
Now he is dead, as dead is freedom and security in the island of Masonry, Witchcraft, Rothschilds and the Illuminati.
Myself, I am not setting foot on UK in my life again. Ever.
Jean didn`t look at all like a Muslim or a Middle Eastern. The police just had to show off so people would think they were working.
Poor British people now will have to be careful with what kind of coat they wear, if they are looking properly well, if they have shaved, or they can be shot. License to kill, that's what it is.
It is starting..first the terrorism suspects, then any dissident.
Saturnino from Brazil

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