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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london


What are the details on this man from your end?

The reports I have been getting was this was a targetted killing.

Is it possible he was working for an intelligence group? An informent?

Thousands of people are employed by the intelligence services. Was he possibly involved in drug dealing?

It sounds AWFULLY like this man was a "loose end".

He knew something.

The reports I got were that he was followed from home.

He jumped a toll gate and ran for the train. "Plain clothes" (sas counter terrorism?) "piled on top of him" and then shot him 5 times in the head.

When you suspect someone is a "suicide bomber" you do not "pile on top of him". You empty your clip into him at the first oppurtunity. You do not wait for a clear shot. The point is to kill the suspect not chase him then pile on top of him.

Just ask the Israeli Defense Force. Ever hear of them "piling on top" of the suspect before killing him?

This just does'nt add up.

If the facts are as I have stated...this man knew something and he was gotton rid of. Something will come out of this.

That there is something more to this is self evident.
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