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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

"I wonder what would have happened if Jean Charles had gotten onto a train and detonated a bomb? I wonder if people would now be saying, "How could the police have let this very suspicious-looking man escape? How could they not have stopped him from killing all these people?"

We are all living in very difficult times, were walking the streets of our cities, going about our business can get us killed.

I wish Jean Charles had stopped. I wish Jean Charles had raised his hands and laid flat on the floor. I wish he could have explained why he was at that house and shown that he did not have a bomb beneath his clothing.

But he didn't. For some reason, he ran. And by running, the police believed their suspicions were correct and used force to stop him.

I still want to know why he was shot on the ground? Did he still not submit? Did he appear to be trying to reach for something inside his a detonator? Did the policeman who shot him believe he and the people around him were going to die in another terrorist bomb?

Something went terribly and tragically wrong on both sides of this coin."

If I were in a simular situation where police and guns are targeted at me.....

1. Shit my pants
2. freeze like a rose dipped in Nitrogen.
3. spread out like skydiver.
4. piss my pants.
5. listen to EVERY thing they tell me to do.
6. do Exactly what they tell me to do.

or..I could just RUN ( because Im innocent and have no reason to be cornerd..yea..thats what I do when coppers try to pull me over when I know ive done nothing wrong..Put the peddal to the metal ! )

get real..something caused this man to do what he did..and personally if I thought I was gonna get blown to smitherines by the actions of someone..Id get a little twitchy too.

or maybee im missing something here...

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