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Thanks for the great websites Rushdoony.

The rest of you that are pro-government on this thread should actually look at what government is supposed to be. It is designed to allow society to evolve not engineer it, unless you are a socialist, then its purpose is to engineer it.

As a democracy government was never intended as a means to vote ourselves handouts from the public coffers or run the economy. I know most Canadians think of it that way and that is how the government would like you to think of them.

Socialism takes the economy, society and government rolls them all into one and runs the whole show.

Anyone who wants power and control does not first attempt to control society. You would think that would obviously be government but no.
The only smart approach is to control the economy, the wealth of the land. Whoever controls that, controls government and society. Well, certain people do control all the wealth of Canada and the world. They have replaced wealth with fiat currencies that are basically debt instruments. They own all the wealth and are kind enough for the time being to allow you use of it and to live a fantasy of some sort of freedom as an indivdual.

They cannot expose who they are and they cannot enrage a majority of us. They will rather educate (read engineer)us through the media and other means to achieve correct or desired behavior.

Income tax is the worst form of tax. Especially the marxist graduated form we have adopted.

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