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Default Re: The moon has been somewhat a curse

There is evidence to suggest that the Moon radiates its own light, rather than it being nothing more than a simple reflector of sunlight.
you forgot to mention the link suggests that the Moon doesnt have any relevance to the Tides.

you also forgot to mention that this guy probably is having an LSD "flashback".

These type of Threads are eronious and pointless.

Though I do understand what Spy is saying..yea..if civilization developed "velcro" eons earlier..then we could be timewarping by now too..

Basically there are alot of "things" humans could have understood that would have advanced the current civ....but..maybee we have and you dont know it

\"People like us, who believe in physics,
know that the distinction between
the past, the present, and the future,
is only a stubbornly persistent illution\" A.A.
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