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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

The policemen were NOT in uniform. If a bunch of guys start to yell at you what would you do ? ANYONE would run. I would.
This action is just an example of the total lack of concern the NWO has for human lives. All the decent norms that have been accepted for centuries, like declaring someone guilty only after evidence, are falling to the ground. Now they kill whoever they want, they imprison whoever they want, for any reason they want and the sheep applaud as they go to the slaughter tomorrow.

They subdued the man, forced him to the ground and shot him in the head, execution style, with five bullets in the head ! That`s gross...and they still say that Brazil is the uncivilized country.
I am shocked at so many silly, stupid British people who are supporting the police. Don`t they know that they, or their relatives, or their friends will be next ? How easily they give up all their rights !

The guy was just making some money and having some fun in Europe, like many young people do. He actually told his cousin some days ago he was going to buy a bicycle because he was afraid of the bombings in the subway !!!
Did he know anything about the cover up ? Who knows? Maybe by accident. He was just a young guy travelling the world, making money to pay for the health treatment of his elderly parents. A good son who had been to Brazil only some months ago. I don`t believe there is anything else, but a police told to shoot at will to show off.
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