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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

Its Dreak..not Drake .. hehe.. Im not a dragon m8..

With all due respect..

The policemen were NOT in uniform. If a bunch of guys start to yell at you what would you do ? ANYONE would run. I would.
As if a bunch of guys would do that in the first place..In public..with guns..well Im fucked anyway. ( for some unknown reason )

Your gonna be in the tunnel a week or two after a "terrorist bombing" .. then have some "undercover" peeps ( or whoever peeps ) with guns Tell you to Freeze and lie down..your gonna run ? erm..I wont..Its a public place..I dont think Im some kinda Drug lord or Terrorist..or your assumption is wrong.

Did these police out of uniform "yell" the man to "freeze its the police ?" or just yell at him some uncomprehendible african language that he didnt understand ?

Even I can understand that when Im in a "place of high security" like the freaking Airport..dont RUN from ANYONE !! who cares who they are..if you run In the Airport from a bunch of men ( not even describing themselves as law enforcement ) you gonna RUN ? ..well you deserve to have a couple bullets in your mush-mellon for being so F'ing stupid.

Or are you gonna tell me If your in the Airport..and a "bunch of guys" start chasing you and tellin you to get the fuck on the floor..Your Gonna RUN ?

Much less a "Tube" that was just bombed..

Your story is like foolish !

RUN in the bronx !! ...dont RUN in the Airport !..or a just freashly bombed fucking mass transit train !!

Unless you want to be shot !

Peace D.
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