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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

It is thinking like yours that is getting the world in the mess we are now. They just can`t see behind what has happened, they can`t see the implications. They live in the here and now.
Gee you really think so ?

Im just asking for proof..If asking for more Truth is the problem then yea..Im a part of the mess here..

The guy was executed with 7 shots in the head, AFTER he was on the ground. There is no excuse for what they did.
I would think after the 3rd shot there would be no more head to shoot.

Im just asking questons..and your not really answering them.

You just think Im Blind when I dont "trust" everything I read or hear..but Thats where my age and Wisdom comes in..

If you didn`t commit a crime, you don`t have to stop.
Your so wrong there m8..You freaking Stop at the Airport !! right ( which you wont respond to my last post about that..just 7 head shots on the ground )

If you want to Die..goto an Miami..dressed like an eskimo..and float around till someone asked you to stop ( like a checkpoint would be nice ) and run like your being chased from a Lion.. Ill be you 50 bucks your gonna get Blasted..

but you dont want to talk about that..WHY didnt this guy just stop and be peacefull ?

Im not the reason..

\"People like us, who believe in physics,
know that the distinction between
the past, the present, and the future,
is only a stubbornly persistent illution\" A.A.
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