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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order

Born-To-Die....My brother was into Tesla.. He had a Tesla coil and arc-a-sparks would be a flying when he turned it on.. My brother claimed that Tesla invented mag levitation and some kind of perpetual motion machine..

I am not looking in a book or anything for reference.. but I remember reading where Tesla invented something that he could put in the palm of his hand and create earthquakes.. I suspect that the USG has figured out how to repeat his experiments... Also I suspect that Tesla's stuff is in the
Aurora, and HARP projects.

Sumatra might be a test run... I have read of strange things going on in Australia in the last few years... I'm sure a google search: Australia, earthquake, Tesla, will produce a connection... although, I haven't checked.

Tesla was an interesting character..... Good follow up Freeman.
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