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I dunno.

But i think our Master Alex was wary by the tone of the article.

I dont know enough about the subject but I'd "hazzard" a guess it was faked.

Who's to say it has to be "perfect".

The op was such a fuck up that they can barely hold it together.

"They" cannot control everyone and everything.

Hundreds of people in the various Intelligence Services know this is a "joke". Trust me.

What scares me is how far they'll take it.

As Alex says..."they dont have enough scum to go along with them."

They are getting desperate. They will strike again soon.

Probably in Oz.

Steve Irwin has been alerted and a line of SAS Crocs have been deployed to hunt down the snivelling dogs.

[Please hum "Ride Of The Valkyres" (Apocalypse Now) while I attempt some humour to alleviate the depressing subject matter]

Irwin Combined Arms Attack (Blitzkreig)

"Croc" on point

[Croc] "Steve! Must you ALWAYS get this close on patrol? The nights are lonely indeed!"

[Croc]"Jump on my back one more time Irwin!"

[Steve] "Which way to the Globalists boy?"...(Skippy - Flipper piss take.)
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