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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

My theory. If people talk about some conspiracy before it happpens maybe it won't.

The Internet is no longer a passive/objective observer of events. It is NOW an official player which is why they must take it down soon.

No I'm no expert, just a grassroots peon stuck in some asshole's chess game.
Me too! If I sound cocky and arrogant it is because i want to encourage people to realise they can "think" for themselves and work it out based on the time they wish to put in trying to understand things.

These sub humans are men, and being a man myself, they are NO stranger to me.


m8..Nukes are NOT there ONLY option..
DEFINATELY there ONLY option of any consequence in Iran. Will have both practical and more subtle psychological effects.

Bio..that would make more sence to me.
Yes. In Asia however. It will be used in Asia particularly in China where the Elites there are having huge problems with their "surplus" populations.

There are rumours getting around of mass killings their. It would'nt surprise me. A second great purge of the population is to come.

It could easily make the Sheep move more in the direction you want..Nukes on the other hand could/would create much uprising..
That is the plan.

I still doubt the Nuke flag..However, Nukes will be used Near Isreal
Iran/Iraq not close enough for ya?
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