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Default Re: Has studying the NWO brought you closer to God?

Definately THUMPER.

I always knew of the NWO in it's various guises but always thought it a bit of a joke.

It is ONLY in the last couple of years that the true "diabolical" nature of it...the "coldly crafted" plans became SO apparent.

Like HOHOPE says. The more you become isolated the more you tend to find religion of some sort.

Alot of people who go to jail come out religious.

The loss of ones innocence is a terrible yet beautiful thing.

God hates one thing more than...

1. Communists/Satanists

2. Luciferians/NWO Elite

And thats ordinary people who wish to stay innocent.

It's not the machinations of the NWO Elite that are sending us to hell. It's peoples desire to stay innocent!
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