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Default Re: The only cure

Wow. I'm a little embarrassed that someone metioned me in some kind of flame-out. I thought that we were here to share experience and information so that each piece would eventually fit together to make the "Big Picture", or something like that. Everything is useful, and the winds of reason and wisdom will eventually blow away the chaff from the grain.
In addition to "Submerged" with Steven Seagal, I noticed in "Glimmer Man" that there is a portrayal of an assassin slave. The character Chirstopher Maynard exhibits programmed responses when confronted in the church by Seagal. When asked to reveal classified information, Maynard put his hands to his head and said, "There's too much pain here, I have to go now." And when Seagal persisted, the Omega (suicide) codes took effect. I take no delight in the depiction of torture, etc., and hope that the media's efforts to raise public awareness takes the fine line between modesty and the need to know.
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