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Default Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london


I am heading down the path that this was indeed a bunch of idiots with guns, pumped up on a mission to save the world.

I know first hand of the stupidity of many who are trusted to bear arms in my country of Oz.

Showing off to girls in Hotels their fire arms and badges. Endless bragging due to the fact they are on AMPHETAMINES during night shift.

Our armed forces and Police Services are made up of many good people. However, it is a mistake to believe in their infallability as they are also full of idiots of a certain mentality who's only qualifacation is the ability to do as they're told.

All the good coppers leave after a few years. The corruption and idiocy gets to anyone with the ability to think.

If he is indeed the victim of a gigantic cockup then I must have sympathy for this what grace of God does one recieve to be caught up in this?

There are some points that still have me suspicious though.

FROM BBC link:

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot eight times at Stockwell on Friday after fleeing three undercover officers who had mistaken him for a suicide bomber.
Why did he run? Why? He would surely be aware of the hightened tension at this time. Did the Police identify themselves? This would be fairly standard. Why did he run? That he mistook them for "robbers"? Dont think so.

Mr Menezes was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder after apparently refusing police demands to stop.
Normal practice if you believe the man is a suicide bomber but why chase? If that is your belief...why chase? You shoot. Period.

The officers had followed him in the belief he may be a suicide bomber, but it later transpired the electrician had no connection to terrorism.
This is the crux of the matter which sits like a splinter in my mind.

The authorities are on HIGH ALERT! Police both uniformed and plain clothes are EVERYWHERE! They have strict and well thought out protocols for persuing and detaining suspects. This sounds like "keystone cops". As if a first year Bobby was waving his arms about shouting..."hello, hello...any chance you'll care for a chat old boy?"

To get to the point where you sincerely beleive a suspect is a "suicide bomber" and could possibly kill many innocent people is a "black & white" point in the time/space continuum.

If I sincerely believed this mans behaviour (which if you believe reports was VERY suspect) warrented your brain to believe he was an IMMEDIATE simply pull your gun and shoot. You EMPTY your magazine and possibly pop in another and empty that too.

Lets not fuck around here. There are NO shades of grey in a matter such as this. I would have shot him immediately and had NO regrets. A trained Police Officer who, after 50+ dead, would have no other choice. Not to mention the "failed" attempts just a few days before.

Based on the media reports (always a worry), the man contributed heavily to his own death. His behaviour during a time of extreme tension was reckless.

There is something to this story which simply does not add up.

Cant people in the area follow up the witnesses independantly?

In the end. Perhaps it is just a distraction.

At a press conference held in London on Wednesday, the family's lawyer Gareth Peirce said there were "101" questions to be asked about the facts, and "1001" about the policies underlying the "shoot-to-kill" tactics used by police.
I agree there are 101 questions about the facts.

As for the shoot to kill policy? There are no questions to answer. There is only ONE policy available once you get to the point where you sincerely believe a person may be about to strike a number 8 detonator in public.

The questions must center on how the Officers came to their decision that he was an immediate threat to the public.
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