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Default Contradictions in the London Police Shooting

From an Reader:

I'm sure you've got some, or all, of this information already but after following the news for most of the day I've picked up on one contradiction:


Explosions In London

London Police Kill Man at Subway Station

Several eye-witnesses describe seeing an Asian man running away from 3 or 4
plain-clothed police officers, who then pushed him down (one report says
they sat on him, too) and then shot him 4, 5, or 6 times (depending on the
report, one claims also it was as many as 10).

Now a senior police office said that it's unlikely that they were plain-clothed police officers... the fire arms branch of the police usually have black uniforms with flack jackets... but none of the eye-witness accounts have described seeing this?

Secret Services perhaps?

Also, every eye-witness account has mentioned that the man was not carrying
anything. No bag, no weapons, nothing.

Two of the reports I've heard describe the man as wearing a black cap, cargo/combat pants and a heavy jacket or fleece top... ok, a heavy jacket
might mean he was concealing something, but a fleece top? Not really suspicious? Still they shoot him dead.

Shooting 5 shots, they were making sure he was dead.

But why kill him, especially if it appears that he wasn't carrying anything?

Surely the police would want to get information out of him?

The eyewitness accounts make it sound like they were on top of him and had
him restrained anyway. Was it really necessary to shoot him?

Also, another story is circulating about a black bag that was on an underground train leaving from stockwell station about half an hour before the shooting and this bag was apparently giving out smoke.

Don't know if that has any relevance to anything?

Source: Infowars
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